"Working with Andrea was one of the best decisions I have made!


I was so appreciative of the fact she took time to listen to what had worked and didn’t work for me in the past, what I was looking to accomplish with my personal health/fitness journey and then personalized a program just for me.


She played up my strengths, downplayed my weaknesses, and gently pushed me along reminding me of what I had said I wanted to accomplish.


I also appreciated the holistic approach she took incorporating other personal goals outside of health/fitness into my program making for a well-rounded approach to wellness.


I will definitely work with her again and recommend her to others."

-Amanda S-

"Andrea is an excellent coach and role model.


Non-judgemental on your abilities and she is your best cheerleader and so motivational!!! Keep up the good work helping us!!!"

- Mary M-

"Never a dull moment in the gym with Andrea! She does a great job motivating me and making sure I'm challenging myself with each workout!"

- Katie G -

"Andrea has an amazing way of motivating you to push your hardest to become a better you."

- Joann S-

"Andrea Wiggins does not let you forget to take care of yourself and will always remind you of your goals, let them be physical, mental or in life.  


Not only was she there to guide me through changing my health and my body to be better and stronger, she reminded me that not only diet and exercise affect your well being, but changes in attitude and in everyday relationships can guide you to a healthier life. I don't consider Andrea a personal trainer but a personal coach!


She will make you work hard but she won't let you down. An amazing soul."

- Effie H -