When working with a new coach, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  So let me tell you exactly what working with me looks like!  

Fitness coaching can be scary and overwhelming and a bit uncomfortable... I totally get it! This is why our first meeting is a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. This is the time where I get the chance to learn a little bit more about you, your goals and what you like... and don't like. This makes it much easier for me to help create a plan of action for you that you will not only want to follow... but enjoy as well!  


Fitness Assessment

Our first session after your consultation is your Fitness Assessment! This is where we see where you are starting from so we can track all of the progress you will make.


During your fitness assessment, I will be:  

  •  Taking your measurements

  •  Taking "before" photos

  •  Checking your flexibility and muscular endurance

  •  Doing a basic postural analysis

  •  Checking for any restrictions or pain points that need to be addressed​

Coaching Sessions

Your coaching sessions are where we will do the bulk of your training. Each session is individualized to your specific goals, abilities and comfort level, always keeping in mind any limitations or restrictions you may have.


During each session, you will start with a warm up to get your body ready for the workout. Then we will move into the main portion of your training session. This could range from working with weights, resistance bands, equipment such as sandbags, dumbbells, etc. or could be your own body weight. It all depends on YOUR goals and YOUR comfort level.  


Your sessions will be progressive with the main focus always being educating you on proper form and safety when performing each exercise.


(Each session finishes with stretching and "homework" for between sessions.)

Follow up & Support

Your work doesn't end when the session is over. Depending on how often we meet each week, you will be given work to do in between sessions. This could be as simple as take a long walk or may include additional workouts, depending on your goals.  


You will receive copies of each workout we do together so that when you are ready to "go it alone", you have a record of what you have done and a plan for moving forward.  

You also will have accountability and support through my closed FB group, a weekly newsletter and access to me via email, phone or text as long as we work together!