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Starting Your Day SANE! (Yes, it can be done)

Have you ever rolled over in the morning and thought...."I'm just not ready to let the day in yet!" I know! Me too!! It seems like the minute we open our eyes, the world is laying on the pillow next to us whispering .."I cannot WAIT to tell you how crazy your day is going to be!" And then it is! So how in the world can we maintain our sanity when the world is just waiting to steal it from us? Well, it happens when we chose to take charge of our day the MINUTE we wake up. And by take charge I mean we make sure to take care of our own mental state FIRST before we even let the world in. And the best way to do this is with a personal, Morning Ritual. Or you can call it your morning routine, morning sanity saver, morning nuttiness blocker, whatever works for you! But really what it is is dedicating a period of time that works for you first thing in the morning (my suggestion would be an hour if you can spare it), where you commit to plug into those things that fuel you personally BEFORE you let your day in. And by let your day in I mean.....look at your phone! Now I KNOW this is tough for you some of you because it was soooo hard for me. My normal routine is to wake up, grab my phone, read texts messages (cause someone may have texted me between 10pm and 7am right??), read my emails, and then peruse Facebook (because surely I am missing something major in FB land!). Then before I am even out of bed, my mind is filled with at least 10 different things that I need to do....and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. Ok so, here is the reality...whatever emails, texts, FB messages that are waiting for you. I PROMISE they can wait one more hour! Instead, my first hour of the day NOW starts with me stepping into my morning ritual where I take that hour and do those things that are most important in helping me to get grounded before I let in the crazy. ;-) Mine looks a little like this: * 10 minutes - get up, make bed, grab some coffee *20 minutes - spend time in prayer *10 minutes - journaling gratitudes and affirmations *5 - 10 minutes - meditation *10 - 15 minutes - plan out my day (if I didn't do it the night before) And all of this is done before I look at my phone. And I can tell you, since starting this routine, I have noticed a CONSIDERABLE decrease in my morning stress. I am working on becoming less attached to my phone (yes, this is taking some work), and I am much more intentional overall about what I let into my day. So what about you? Are you up to the challenge of creating a Morning Ritual/Morning Routine/Sanity Saver/ Nuttiness Blocker?

I promise you.....consider just giving this a try this week and you will notice a major shift in your energy, productivity....and yes, your sanity this coming week!

And for some added support, stop by my private FB group, Mindset, Muscle and Metabolism where you will get all of the support you need!

Now go get ready to kick this week in the....well, you know! ;-)

You've got this!


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