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You Don't Need To Run A Marathon......Just Take Some Baby Steps!

So a while back I had a conversation with a gal that was super interesting. She mentioned that she wanted to start a fitness program but her schedule was really tight and she didn't know where she could fit it in. And then she made the comment that she was an "all or nothing" kind of girl and that because she couldn't get started with fitness and give it the full attention she wanted to, then she didn't want to start at all.

Now in some instances, I TOTALLY understand and agree with that mindset. Because in some situations I think it really does apply.

But then I started thinking about times where this mindset really doesn't serve us. And it came back to that conversation I was having with my friend.

While I believe it is so important to give whatever you are working towards 100%, there may be times in life just don't have it to give!

You are exhausted after a long day at work and you WANT to have an amazing workout, but all you have in you is a quick 20 minute walk on the treadmill.

You have been trying all week to eat healthy but today was a total bust and you figure you might as well eat that carton of ice cream.....I mean it's been looking at you for a week now!

You want to get started on writing your book, but you just don't feel like you have enough material yet.

You ALL know the feeling I am talking about. And can probably give me tons of examples when you have had these same thoughts. The one where the little voice in your head tells you that you need to have everything figured out BEFORE you can move forward.

That it needs to be perfect....perfectly planned, perfectly executed, perfectly thought out....perfectly perfect, before you can take that first step.

Well, here is the bad will NEVER be perfect. And having to have it all together has killed more dreams and stopped more amazing things from happening then anything else.

Sometimes you just have to take a baby imperfect, messy baby step knowing that each step you take will get you just a little bit closer.

You don't feel up to your normal butt-kicking workout routine? Then there's nothing wrong with today just taking a walk on the treadmill.

You ate bad this week and are feeling like tossing in the healthy-eating towel? How about you just make this next meal a super healthy one! (Throw some Brussel sprouts in there.....that will take away the guilt!)

You want to start writing that book but don't have all of your ideas lined up yet? Then just start with that first chapter.

SOME progress will trump no progress EVERY TIME!

So as you get ready for this new week, what is that one thing you want to get started on that you have been waiting to be perfect for?

Come on, spill it!

Cause all you need to make it happen is a baby step!

Committed to your success,


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