• Andrea Wiggins

You Are A Bad Mamma Jamma!

I recently met some amazing new women who I am blessed to be coaching. And it has reminded me how much I LOVE working with women who find their STRONG for the first time! These gals are all powerhouses in their own right. But that moment when they realize that the "limits" they had created themselves were totally in their mind....and how strong they REALLY's the best feeling in the world. Both for me AND for them! So many times we are afraid to be "new" at something. To be a beginner or to try something that is totally outside of our comfort zone. We don't want to do something if we don't think we can be great at it from day one. And I absolutely get that thought process......because it is one of my biggest struggles! But the problem is that we will NEVER be perfect. And getting good at something rarely happens from the start and usually takes time. But there is also something so awesome about trying something for the first time. About being a "beginner" at something. You get to re-create yourself! Think about it. You have never worked out with weights before, or done a fitness competition, or ran a marathon, or learned to swim....the list could go on. So the assumption is usually that you won't be very good at it, so you don't even try. But just like these gals who I work with who discovered that they were sooooo much stronger then they realized, you may find out that you have so much more potential then you even imagined you could have. The beauty of trying something new is there is no "old self" to compare to. No bad memories or bad experience that you need to get over. You get to create something new in yourself that wasn't there before. And THAT is exciting! What is that thing you have wanting to do....but have been too afraid to try? Have you wanted to learn to strength train? Have you been playing around with the idea of running a marathon? Have you been dying to try your hand at a new skill or hobby? Have you wanted to start a new business? What would happen if you decided you were going to stop living out of fear....and start living out of FAITH? Imagine what you could do then? ;-)

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