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It's About To Get Crazy!

I LOVE this time of year! If you’re from the Midwest (where I used to live), the weather is getting cooler, the leaves are on the ground, it's sweater-weather time! If you’re from Texas, where I live now.... it’s still in the 70's and, well your still in flip flops and tank tops. :-) But what I also love about this time is the fun of family. For most, this is the one time of year where we get together with family and that can be such a time of fun and excitement.....and also a time of some pretty major stress! Not only do you have to get your house together, find out where everyone is going to stay, make arrangements for your work schedule, plan meals, set up fun things to do, etc etc. But your routine for your OWN personal health, fitness, life get's tossed right out the window! So how do you find the elusive "balance" during this crazy time of year?

How do you keep everyone happy and also keep yourself sane?

Try to remember these three things:

#1 - It's not going to be perfect. I know, I know, your hosting this year and everything HAS to be perfect. But perfection is an's not real! And honestly, the best stories and memories are made in the messes. So know that things are going to get a little goofy, roll with it, and just ENJOY your family!

#2 - Take time for yourself. It's gonna get crazy! There is going to be a ton of tug-o-war for your time and attention. But that is where you really need to practice the discipline of taking care of you. Are you getting your sleep, are you eating well, are you working out, are you giving yourself a time out when you need it? Taking a little you time is not selfish, its necessary. Because let's face it, if you loose it...and end up tossing a biscuit at someone because you are exhausted and can't handle the stress anymore, your going to feel horrible...and your doing to be down one biscuit! (just saying)

#3 - Don't forget to live in the moment. There is going to be family and friends, maybe some pets and probably a lot of kids coming in and out of your house. Or maybe you will be visiting someone else's craziness. But whatever the circumstance, don't be so busy planning and perfecting that you forget to just BE with your family. This may be the one time where you are all together and that is something to celebrate and treasure. So live in the moment, warts and all, and know that when it's all over you made some memories that you can treasure for a lifetime!

(And don't sweat the spilled wine on your white couch... you wanted a new one anyway.)

Committed to YOUR success,


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