• Andrea Wiggins

Beat up to build up....I've tried it and it doesn't work!

I started the day strong. Got my morning quiet time and personal devotions done, my day is all planned out, my appointments are set, my clients programs are written and ready to go...and now it's time to go hit my workout!

I'm dressed, I'm ready, my pre-workout is on-board...

And then....SQUIRREL!

I get a call from a friend who I haven't chatted with in a while and know I need to reconnect with. So I take the call. I get pulled into the rabbit hole...and an hour later my day is completely off track. And once the call is done....well, then I answer a message in FB messenger.

And lets be real, we all know what happens after that!

My workout never happened, I had to scramble to get to my next appointment and I was so frustrated with myself because it was the second time this week it had happened.

And then the internal boxing match starts...

"girl, you did it got off track!"

"seriously, how many times has this happened this week?"

"you kinda stink at this time management thing....are you ever going to get it together?"

And on, and on, and on.

Now, is what I just told myself to some extent true? Sure. I do need to do a better job at time management. But is beating myself up going to make anything better? Is it going to reenforce better habits? Is it going to make me excited to make positive changes? Yeah, not really.

And yet so may times this is exactly how we talk to ourselves when we aren't doing the things we know we really want, and even NEED to do. And we somehow think that this type of self talk is going to make us all warm and fuzzy and ready to make better choices.


We live out what we speak into our lives. And if all we keep speaking is frustration, disappointment and self deprecation, then that is exactly what we will live out. And I know that is not what any of us really wants.

Believe me, I have had to do quite a bit of work on myself in this area. Usually as it relates to time management. But now, when I let my day get away from me, when I don't work as hard as I know I should, when I fall into the FB scrolling abyss (let's get real....this is a serious struggle!), I stop, acknowledge I am heading in the wrong direction, and redirect.

No long drawn out boxing sessions with myself, just change direction and get back to work.

So what about you? What are some of your favorite jabs that you throw at yourself?

Now how are you going to change that?

Committed to your success!


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