• Andrea Wiggins

"TRY" Is The Kiss Of Death

We do it without even thinking about it.

"Hey, you up for getting together tonight?"..... "sure, Ill try and make it".

"I'm going to that new spin class we've been talking about at the gym this week, you want to come?" ......."I'll try"

"Ok, no more sweets starting on Monday, who's in?"...."Ok, ill try"

And we could come up with a million more scenarios. We say it ALL OF THE TIME but have you every stopped and really thought about what it means when you say you will "try" to do something?

Cause here is the deal. Try is just a nice way of saying "I need a back door because I don't really want to do this".

TRY almost always turns into a NO.

If your kids were at school and needed to be picked up at 4pm, would you ever say, "I'll try to get there to pick you up". Of course not! Its a non-negotiable that you will pick up your children, after school, at 4pm.

Would you ever think about telling your boss "hey, I will try to be to work on time" and expect to keep your job? Of course not. You show up at 9am because that is when your work day starts....period!

But so often when we have a goal we want to hit or a project we need to do or maybe it's something that we aren't entirely sure we will be successful at, we throw out the word TRY, not realizing that we have just set ourselves up for failure, because we've given ourselves permission to not succeed.

So we have to change that language. Even as I write this I can think of several times where I have said, "yes, I'll try and make it" when asked to go to an event, or "of course, I'll do my best to get it to you"...which is a fancy way of saying "Ill try".

If your kids are expecting to be picked up after school, you pick them up after school. It never even enters your mind NOT to.

And you have to treat your goals EXACTLY the same way. You want to loose weight, you won't TRY to eat better, you WILL eat better. You want to run that race in 2 months, you won't TRY to get up and get to the gym and train, you WILL get up and get to the gym and train. It's a non-negotiable.

When you say try, what you are really saying is "It's just not important enough to commit to". Now how does that taste? Next time you want to say try, I want you to change it to "it's just not that important enough to commit to" and see how that feels. And then decide if that really reflects your true desire.

If you want to see change in your life, your health, your anything, you have to make sure your language actually reflects your goals.

Stop trying...

Start doing!

(I'm saying it with love ya'll)

Committed to your success,


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