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Gone, Baby Gone.....Let Say Goodbye To Some Body Fat!

It has been pretty interesting being on this journey of fat loss with my MMM group.

I’ve realized how much on auto-pilot I have been for a while and what a huge difference it makes when I get ultra concious about what I am eating and HOW I am treating myself (stress, exercise, play time, etc).

Last week, I shared this with my group that my personal goal was to loose 5lbs of fat during this months challenge and it got me thinking again about all of those things that really do matter when it comes to loosing FAT, not just weight.

So today, I want to share 4 tips that I feel are super helpful for shedding fat:


This first tip is a toughie….because when we work out hard, we really want to just eat whatever the heck we want. But unfortunately my friends, it just don't work that way! Nutrition will always be one of the first things you need to tackle on this fat loss journey. So here are some quick things to remember:

*Cut your added sugars (stick to fruits and natural sugars - cut the candy, sweets, added sugars and artificial sweetners)

*Add fresh veggies, fruits and lean proteins (as women sometimes we struggle to get in enough protein).

*Water, water, water this is VITAL for fat loss!

Now there are just some basic first steps, but even starting with just this will help make some nice changes to the wasteline!


Get off of the treadmill for hours at a time! I know this seems counterintuitive, but If you shorten your cardio to 20-30 minutes max but crank up that intensity with some intervals, you will burn up a lot more calories AND keep that furnace fired up longer. You'll also keep the boredom away that comes with long stretches on the treadmill/elliptical. Higher intensity, shorter sessions…much more bang for your buck!


Again, I know cardio seems like the end all be all of weight loss, but if you want the metabolism to stay fired up long after the workout, then you need to add some nice healthy muscle to your body! I could literally chat ALL DAY on the benefits of strength training but to keep it short, adding lean muscle mass to your body actually keeps your fat burning furnace working long after the workout is over (24 + hours). Not to mention all of the other benefits for women, such as increased bone density, better posture, decreased injury, etc. So grab some dummbells (no, not the 5lbs!) and get to work! ;-)


Believe it or not giving our bodies a break from digestion, through fasting, provides huge benefits to helping us with fat loss. Fasting allows our bodies to detox and gives our system a chance to rebalance itself. It also helps to support decreased inflammation which generally shows up around our midsection (belly fat). I personally try to detox once or twice a month and use an all natural product to help support and nurish my body during my fast. This does amazing things for my energy, focus and clarity and is a great reset for my body.

(Quick link to give you more info on what I use. My Favorite Nutritional Cleanse)

And here is a bonus tip that really is the most important... You HAVE to be consistent! We all want to drop fat like...yesterday. But just like it didn’t show up overnight, it isn’t going anywhere overnight. True health is about learning and living a healthy LIFESTYLE, and that means you will need to make some habit changes that may feel uncomfortable at first.

But just like anything worth having, the work is always worth it. The benefits will far outweigh the sacrifice,and over time, you wont even miss that cookie, or taco bell run anymore! ;-)

Committed to your success,


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