• Andrea Wiggins

No Gym, No Problem

So who has been here..... You finally make it to the gym. You have been procrastinating about if for a loooooong time and finally decide to just go. But as soon as you walk in, you see lots of equipment that you have zero idea how to use. And you don't see any faces you feel comfortable to ask. The guy that works there is coming over to you and you REALLY don't feel like going through the whole routine so you head into the bathroom, hide out for a few minutes, and then when it seems safe, sneak back out the door, get into your car and head home thinking...."Yeah, this gym thing just isn't for me" You WANT to learn, you want to know HOW to workout, but isn't there a way you can just do it from home? I mean at least until you feel more comfortable? Man, do I get this! I have worked with so many women who are in this spot, who really WANT to learn but the whole gym scene is just a bit intimidating. Or when you do go, you end up on the same 3 machines, and maybe the elliptical, and feel like this just isn't really getting you anywhere. So here's the thing, I LOVE teaching women how to feel confident in the gym. But I am equally passionate about helping women create ways to workout in a space that feels comfortable for them. And you can actually get some pretty awesome workouts done right from home, using....just your bodyweight! It's a great place to start and I love starting here because being able to manage your own bodyweight is a great pre-curser to feeling comfortable to working with the free weights once you get to the gym! So how about this....check out this fun workout you can try from home that only uses your bodyweight. I GUARANTEE you will get an awesome sweat, burn some calories and feel amazing! At home SWEAT CHALLENGE! And if you decide you really want to take charge of your fitness and feel COMFORTABLE, rather you want to work from home, or in the gym, then I have several awesome ways you can do that, rather you are local or a little more distant. So head over to the MUSCLE section and check them all out! Committed to your success,


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