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3 Steps to Better Balance

How many times do we look at our life and become COMPLETELY overwhelmed at all that needs to be done? Taking care of the family, your kids upcoming events, work obligations, meetings, family emergencies, getting in your workout, planning dinner for the family, chores....the list literally is endless. So what do you do to help manage it do you get it all done? You just focus on today! This sounds soooo cliche and simplistic but ladies, this was a light bulb moment for me! This past week, I was struggling with a CRAZY huge list of things I needed to do in the next month. And I eventually started to get paralysis by analysis. I saw everything I needed to do and couldn't focus on getting anything done. Each morning I start my day with time in the Word and prayer and this particular day, my struggle was just how to deal with the overwhelm I was feeling. And what did I hear in that moment..."just focus on today". And my whole perspective shifted. I had permission to let go of the giant list and just live in the TODAY. Ladies, the only area of our lives that we have control over is the here and now.

So why not focus on just making today amazing?

Give it 100% and work hard, knowing how much you will get done and how productive your day will be when you goal is simply....just to focus on today! Cause here's the deal...successful days, completed consecutively, create a successful life. And in the end, isn't that your goal?

So here is my challenge to you:

1) Write down 5 things (yes, only 5) that you want to accomplish today and today only!

2) Commit to give those 5 things 100% effort.

3) Once you finish all 5, STOP and celebrate your successful day!

You will not only feel soooooo much more accomplished and relaxed, but you will be ready to tackle tomorrow with even more excitement and determination.

So who is up for the 3 step challenge? Who is up for simplifying and celebrating instead of stressing and procrastinating?

And who really love to have a community of awesome women around them to share the struggles and celebrate the successes with?

(Raise your hand girl!)

Then head over to my closed FB group of amazing women who would love to do just that! Request to be a part of We Are STRONG today and I can't wait to introduce you to some amazing ladies!

Committed to your success


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