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Mix It Up With Some Dumbbells

So when I am chatting with women about working out and getting healthy, I often hear mixed reviews when it comes to adding some strength training to their routine.

And it normally falls into one of two concerns:

Fear and lack of confidence.

The fear is usually a misconception about what weight training will "do" to their body. And it usually revolves around being afraid of getting "too big" or "too bulky".

The lack of confidence usually shows up when they get into the gym. They WANT to give it a go but really don't know what to do and start to gravitate back towards the cardio machines. They look around and the free weights and machines seem pretty intimidating. Not to mention, the people using them seem to be soooo sure of what they are doing.

It can be overwhelming for sure.

So, let's push past that fear and work on getting some confidence! After all, if you live on the treadmill or cardio equipment, then this is an awesome way to do a little fun crosstraining right? ;-)

First, let's chat about the fear.

Getting too big or bulky is something I TOTALLY get. It was one of my biggest fears as well when I first dove into strength training.

But what I quickly learned as I became more educated was that the "bulkiness" that most women fear, require HOURS in the gym with a very specific type of strength training. That particular level of development takes WORK! And lots of it.

And I promise you, this isn't going to happen by adding some strength training to your routine. So we can totally ditch that fear!

So next, let's chat about the lack of confidence.

The cure for this one is super simple, but also the hardest to do.

......don't be afraid to ask for help!

I remember back in the day, watching the guys and gals in the gym and thinking, "I want to do what they are doing. I want to learn how to lift weights!"

So what did I do? I walked into they gym and asked for help from some of the gym-goers who seemed to know what they were doing.

And you know what...they were super happy to help!

The great thing is, most gyms have a staff of trainers who are there just for that purpose.

Having help from someone who know's what they are doing is not only going to help you work safely as you build your confidence, it's also gonna help you rock out your inner champion too! ;-)

Trust me, once you start to play with the weights a little bit, you will soon realize there really isn't anything to be afraid of.

But let's not forget, you can ALWAYS ask your favorite trainer!! Cause teaching women HOW to use strength training to hit their goals....that's my JAM!!

So ladies, if you are looking for a new way to mix up your workouts? Grab some dumbbells and get your STRONG on!

Committed to your success,


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