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3 Calorie Torching Workouts....(And Not A Treamill In Sight)

When we think "calorie burning" we usually think 40 minutes to an hour on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, or some other more "traditional" piece of cardio equipment to get a really good calorie burn.

But honestly, there are soooo many ways to create an amazing, calorie torching workout, without having to use any equiment. Which is awesome for when you are traveling, don't have access to anything or maybe just want to try something different to mix things up a bit.

Most times when we are jumping on the treadmill or ellptical (both awesome fitness tools....don't get me wrong) what we really want is to:

  • Increase our cardiovasuclar endurance

  • Burn a high number of calories

  • Kill some fat!

Got it!!

And in order to do that we usually need to:

  • Get our heartrate pumped up to about 70% - 80% of our MHR (maximum heart rate)

  • Move as many muscle groups in our body as possible

  • Sweat!!

Got it!!

So today I want to show you 3 ways you can make each of those things happen...and get some amazing results in less time than you would on traditional equipment.

And the reason why it can sometimes be a little more effective this way is becuase we are NAILING that second goal, of moving as many muscles groups in our body as possible!

Taking full body movements and pushing as hard as you can for shorter periods of time = high calorie burn, lots of sweating.....and death to fat!


I love this because you can literally do it ANYWHERE.

Back when I was younger, I used to use this as a main form of exercise and would jump rope through an album on a record player.

Did you just ask "what is a record player"?? Ughhh... never mind!

Jump rope is an AMAZING way to get that heat rate jumping and burn tons of calories. So bust our the rope and give this one a try:

  • 5 minutes double leg jumps - jumping with both feet together

  • 1 minute - wall sits (get a little rest in there)

  • 2 minutes alternating leg jumps - switching from left to right foot

  • 1 minute - plank hold (how about a little core work)

  • 2 minutes alternating leg jumps - switching from left to right foot

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 1 additonal time!


Circuits are a great way to train because you can really have fun mixing up the exercises and you can combine strength AND cardio together for a bun-kicking, calorie torching workout!

  • Pushups x10 reps

  • High Knees x30 seconds

  • Bodyweight squats x10 reps

  • Butt Kicks x30 seconds

  • Forward Lunges x10 reps (each leg)

  • Mountain Climbers 30 seconds

  • Walkouts x10 reps

  • Jumping Jacks x20 seconds

  • Single Leg Glute Bridges x10 reps (each leg)

  • Jump rope x30 seconds

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 1 to 2 additonal times!


Ok, so this one may be a little more of a challenge. But you love challenges right??

For this workout you are going to find an area that has some nice size hills (or you can also head to the local school and hit the bleachers).

  • Bottom of Hill – 10 pushups (modified or regular)

  • Run up Hill – Top 10 Bodyweight Squats (not deep, fast paced)

  • Run down - Bottom of Hill – 8 pushups

  • Run up Hill – 8 Bodyweight Squats

  • Repeat this process, decreasing by 2 each round until you get to 2 reps!

Rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat 1 additional time!

The beauty of this is you can take any two exercises (1upper body, 1 lower body) and make this workout different each time!

There ya go! 3 different workouts, no equipment, no gym, but lots of sweat, burned calories and torched fat.

Now go get it!

Committed to your success,


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