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4 Amazing Benefits of Strength Training

What’s an activity that can help women stay strong, burn calories, and build healthy bones? Strength training! Now, before you say “no thanks” to weights, let's take some time to challenge that mindset and chat about 4 amazing benefits of strength training for women.

Breaking Plateaus = When you do the same workout over and over, your body will eventually adapt and stop changing or improving. Adding weight training to your routine is a great way to add variety to your workout and in turn, cause your body to have to adapt in order to manage the new demand placed on it. This means your body has to work a little harder, a little differently then it did before. And sometimes that's just the spark your body needs to make some new and exciting changes (which can also include weight loss).

Sculpting a Strong Physique - Often, when I talk to women about the changes they want to make in their body, the number one thing I hear is they want to "tone" up in certain areas. Really, what they are seeking is not just to be thinner but to have a nice shape to their physique. And that translates into more muscular development. Strength, or resistance training, is what allows us to challenge the muscles into growing and taking on that nice shape or "tone" that so many of us long for.

Preventing Injury- Strength training not only helps to develop muscularity, but it also helps to strengthen bone density. This is HUGE when talking about preventing injury because as women age, we are MORE at risk of developing Osteopenia (mildly reduced bone density) and Osteoporosis (severely reduced bone density) both of which mean weaker bones and more instability in the body. Feeling strong in our bodies as we get older is worth its weight in gold!

Boosting Self Esteem - nice lean muscle, nice boosted metabolism, better movement, better posture, better performance...but best of all, a better appreciation of YOU. Nothing boosts self-esteem like feeling stronger in your body, more confient in your appearance, more agile, mobile and fit. And you would be surprised at how quickly these changes can start to happen just by adding a little resistance into your life.

And the best part, is you can start making these amazing positive changes, TODAY starting with just your bodyweight!

If you want some help on this journey, I am soooo happy to be your guide. Schedule a call and let's chat about how to make that happen for YOU!

Committed to your success!


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