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Block It Baby!! MAKING Time For What Matters!

This past 3 to 4 months, I had been on the crazy merry go round of how to best manage my schedule so I can actually be productive. And let's be real here....I am a office supply, gadget, cool app, addict! In the past, I have gone through about 20 different planners (who feels me on this one), tried tons of different "to do's", organizational apps, you name it. But after a coupe of months, I would usually end up back to a pen and paper with scattered sticky notes all over the place. Nothing resonated with me or helped me to feel less stressed and more focused. (And to top it off, now I had pink and yellow sticky notes all over the place) What's worse is I was starting to see the same thing happening in my workouts. I would either miss/skip workouts, or I would get to the gym and just throw something together on the fly. It would be an ok workout but it wouldn't have the intention or intensity that I wanted it to have. Well, finally, several months back, I decided to go back to a tried and true, old school method for staying organized... I went back to time blocking. Actually putting things in my schedule, at specific times, to make it a priority to get it done. And you know what, I FINALLY started to get more organized (go figure). My schedule was much more on track, my workouts became way more focused, and I was actually getting important things done, instead of just checking things off a "to do" list. I feel totally silly even writing this, but it's so crazy how we sometimes make things soooo hard when really it's not that hard at all. Time blocking has been around forever and has been proven to help people get and STAY organized. Now I can look at my schedule and know exactly what I am going to be doing and when. There is no confusion, no guessing, no wasted time. So if you are finding it hard to fit your workout in during the day and find yourself saying, "I just don't have the time", I would HIGHLY recommend giving this a try for one week:

  • Look at your schedule for the week and plug in your non-negotiables (work, family time, kids events, whatever can't move in your schedule). Be specific on the times that you will be unavailable.

  • Now, with the time that you have available, plug in your workouts! Pick the dates, schedule the times, and log in the actual activities you will be doing at each workout.

I know, I know, but what about the girls night out, or your TV time? Well, here's the deal...if you want your fitness to become a priority in your life, then you have to make it a priority. So it needs to go on the schedule! Where do you have 40 minutes to an hour to get in a nice, solid, energy giving, sexy you creating, workout? I can't tell you how much easier life will get for you when you plug it into your schedule and make the commitment! And the best part is you will actually get it done. So here's my challenge to you...give it a try for just one week and see if you don't feel better, more focused, have more energy, and start to find you actually DO have the time to workout. I can pretty much promise you will! Committed to your success,


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