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#1 Practice For Staying STRONG in Your Nutrition!

What is the toughest part of a fitness journey? Well, it's probably not what you think.

See, we can be total BUTT KICKERS during our workouts (or maybe I am the butt kicker...), and will push hard when asked.

But when we get home, that's when things get tough.......

And the M&M's start to call!

But hey, you just worked out so a small handful's not going to kill you!

Or maybe its a bite of cheesecake, a "couple" of fries, or know, a slice of pizza.

Don't get me wrong....we've ALL been there. Those that know me know that my biggest struggle are those cute little goldfish crackers! I mean, they are so cute and small and cheesy and just a few aren't going to hurt you right?

........anyway I digress.

See the reality of it is all of those "little bites" we have, well they can actually add up to quite a few added calories.

And not just calories, but factor in the added sugar, the sodium, the fat.....and those "little bites" start to create some not-too-little gains on our backside!

One of the first things I ask my clients to do when we talk about their nutrition, is to give me a 3 day food journal.

SOMETIMES the conversation goes a little something like this:

Me: How are your eating habits?

Awesome Client: Great! I eat pretty healthy!

Me: Awesome!.....lets do this. For the next 3 days I want you to keep a food journal of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. Then I want you to email it to me. Deal?

Awesome Client: .........uh...sure.

And a week later.... I'm still waiting on that food journal. :-)

See this is where the rubber meets the road for most people. We all think we are eating healthy and have convinced ourselves that we have it all on track when it comes to our nutrition.

Or that its not TOO bad.

But it's not until you start to really consciously LOG what you are putting in your mouth each day that you realize where the cracks in your nutrition are.

And then the reality of where those last stubborn pounds came from starts to really hit home.

Now i'm not saying that you can't have a nibble here or there or treat yourself to something yummy.....not at all. In fact, I ENCOURAGE my clients to have a splurge meal!

But until we get real with ourselves about exactly what is happening with and in our bodies, we won't see those changes we are working so hard for.

And I want you to be super successful!!

So here is YOUR homework for the next week. I want you to take 3 days and write down everything that goes in your mouth.


But don't just log what you're eating, go one step further and write down HOW you are feeling before you eat it?

This is going to serve two purposes.

First, you will find that you will actually start policing yourself and putting back that little bite size snickers because you know you will have to write it down (I'm already so proud of you!)

And second, by logging how you FEEL you will also start to notice that when you get that craving, you may not really be hungry at all. But instead maybe just a little bored, stressed out, thirsty, anxious etc. You'll start to understand the REASON behind the mindless snacking.

And when you can tie in the feeling to why you are eating, you will have a better chance of controlling the urge.

So where do you write down all of these foods and feelings? Honestly you can use anything you like, from a notebook, to the notes function on your phone.

But MY favorites are the Diet Minder Personal Food Journal ( if you like to write things out (I'm a pen and paper girl). You can also pick these up at any Barnes and Noble (I have about 10 of them).

Or if you like to keep it techie, and want something super easy to use there is My Fitness Pal ( which is a free app and has just about every type of food you could possibly eat. It also gives you the ability to scan UPC codes which will automatically upload all of the foods info into the system.

This is how a lot of clients send me their food logs and it works out super easy!

So ladies, you've totally got this! My challenge to you is to start TODAY and log your meals for the next 3 days.

Then head over to my FB page Andrea Wiggins Strong and tell me how awesome you did!

And for those who want more accountability. Some one-on-one, tough love. Some "lets stop messing around and let's get it done" work.

Then let's you and me set up a quick CALL and chat about it!

Committed to your success,


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