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It's Fall....Let's Mix Things Up A Bit!

It's fall ya'll! And I know I am not the only one who gets super excited at this time of the year!

Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons....

I love halloween and all things spooky (who's with me on this?).

I love that the weather gets a little bit cooler and foods like chili and hot soups start to becme more popular.

I love that you get to start unpacking sweatshirts, sweaters, boots and all kinds of "comfy clothes".

I love that everthing starts to gear up for the holidays and take on a more festive feel.

I love the CHANGE, and the new opportunities that change brings!

The change of seasons is so exciting because it means we are stepping out of one climate and into a totally new one. It means we get to do new things and have new experiences, which is always a bit exciting.

So what if we used these "changes" as a chance to mix thing up in our fitness as well?

We all know that over time, doing the same thing over and over again can get a bit...boring. And when that happens we become less committed to what were doing and stop working as hard at it. We start to stagnate and no longer get the same results. And then we just quit altogether.

And trust me, I have BEEN there.

I will have a set routine that I will stick with for a while. But if I haven't mixed things up, I start to find that my workouts become stale and I start to loosing some enthusiasm. I start to plateau which makes it hard for me to keep the momentum. And then workouts start to get skipped.

Anyone feel me on this?

Now, here is the do need to give workouts TIME to see the results you want. So this doesn't mean changing things up every week (cause yeah, I've done that too).

But what I LOVE about using the change of seasons as a guide is that 3 months is a pretty good amount of time for you to work a specific routine.

Your body has had a chance to really lock in the work you are doing and you start making some nice progression and see some good results for all of that hard work.

Then, just as the season changes, right at that 12 week mark, you throw in a little curve ball and mix things up!

Not only does this break plateaus and keep you from getting bored. But it's the perfect time to try something new.

Been doing a lot of strength work? Switch to some endurance work for a while!

Been doing alot of running? Maybe switch to swimming and give your joints a little rest!

Haven't been doing too much of anything this last season? No worries, use this as a time to START your journey!

So how about it. You ready to make some changes this fall?

Well, come hang with me and the gals over on FB at ANDREA WIGGINS STRONG where I will be sharing some fun ways to mix up that routine this next month.

See you there!


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