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New Years...SOLUTIONS!

Happy New Year!!!

For some reason, this time every year I am always amazed at how quickly the year flew by... and this year is no exception.

And as I started looking at 2019 and what I wanted to accomplish I had to ask myself an honest question...

What's going to make 2019 different than 2018 for me?

Because in the past I would do what I imagine we all do at the beginning of a new year. I start planning my New Years Resolutions!

I think about maybe creating a vision board of what I want my 2019 to look like.

Or maybe I would buy a brand new planner (man do I love planners!) and I would make a list of what I wanted to accomplish in the new year.

And usually this would involve a review of what didn't go well and a recommitment to "do it better" the next year.

And while that's not all together bad, because doing an honest review of where you need to make improvements is always a good idea, I decided this year I wanted to look at things a little bit differently.

Instead of just making resolutions.....I wanted to create actual plans...for what I wanted to see happen in this next year.

See, so often we focus on a problem we are having...

"I want/need to lose weight"

"I want/need to bring in more income"

"I want/need to spend more time with the family"

"I want/need to drink more water"

"I want/need to get more sleep"

We take that list of things we want to see happen, those problems that need to be solved, and our work becomes a "us vs our problem". A game of wills to see if we can be strong enough to "beat that bad habit" this year.

We resolve to "do better" this time and we create vision boards of what we want things to look like. What we want to see happen in the new year. What we want to accomplish.

But sadly there is a gap between what we want and what we do, and that gap is caused by focusing more on the problem we want to overcome instead of the solution for actually overcoming it.

So this year, let's commit to doing things a little bit differently. Let's commit to not focusing on the problem, the weakness, the thing we want to do better, and instead focus on the solution we intend to create!

So instead of "I want/need to lose weight this year" commit to "this is my plan for living healthier this year"....and then put that plan on your vision board!

2019 is going to be an AMAZING year for me. I know this with all that I am!

Now I want YOU to be able to say the same thing for YOUR 2019!

And if you want an amazing community of women to help you commit to that, then join us over at We Are STRONG and become a part of our amazing tribe!

Committed to your success,


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