• Andrea Wiggins

Don't slow down....upgrade!

Believe it or not, we are less than 90 days away from a new year. Honestly, it's crazy when I think about it.

And if you are like me, you are starting to feel a couple of different things.

First, you are feeling the "gear up" for the holidays. You're already seeing Christmas trees and decorations popping up in the stores (let's be real, those were popping up over a month ago).

The commercials on TV are already showing previews for holiday specials, and your favorite stores are talking about "layaway programs" for the gifts that you are soon going to need to start making a list for.

But there is also another feeling that is starting to creep in. It's that feeling of "winding down" your workouts as you anticipate crazy busy schedules and calorie laden, yummy meals in your future.

It starts earlier every year but this year I want to challenge you. Instead of giving into the wind down, what if you decided to, instead, do a little UPGRADE?

When I start to get a little bored of a workout, or the routine gets a little stale, the tendency can be to skip it altogether. And the holidays generally gives us the best and easiest excuse to do this because we know life is about to get busy and comfort food is about to become our best friend.

But in the end where does it leave you? 10 to 15 pounds heavier, sluggish and tired, and making your #1 new years resolution to again, loose weight.

So how about this year we consider an upgrade? And upgrade to the old way of doing things, to that same ole routine of eat/regret, to our old (and maybe boring) workout routines and fitness habits.

Don't make it complicated....keep it super simple!

If you generally spend your time running on the treadmill 3 or 4 days a week, maybe you decide to take a fitness class. I recently took a couple of my clients to a boxing class in place of our usual fitness session and we all had a blast! It was a great way to mix it up and challenge ourselves in a different way.

Maybe your routine is to hit the weights several times a week. But what if you decided to throw in a yoga class and work on your flexibility a bit more. It's a great way to give your joints a rest and to challenge your body in a different way.

The goal is to think outside of your usual "fitness" box and mix things up. Change of seasons is always a great time to change things up, and while the temptation can be to slow down and often times go backwards during the holidays, it's the perfect time to upgrade that workout!

So how are you going to UPGRADE your fitness this season?

Me, I'm incorporating something I have always wanted to try, and that's the Peloton bike!

And if you ever want help or maybe just a little extra accountability, take a peek at my Accountability Program! It's the perfect way to help you stay on track for the holidays!

You've got this!


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